Ciidanka Ilaalada Wadooyinka Somaliland Oo Tiradooda La Kordhiyay

Ciidanka Ilaalada Wadooyinka Somaliland Oo Tiradooda La Kordhiyay

1019 Comments on Ciidanka Ilaalada Wadooyinka Somaliland Oo Tiradooda La Kordhiyay

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  153. Dear Corey & Erin, Don & Sue, Edith & Marion & all the family, We’ve been praying for you and sweet baby Kennady. It’s been almost a year since Marion told us about her. Our church choir and our Home and Community Educators have prayed together, also, for you and her. Our hearts are sad. You’ll be in our thoughts in Brookfield, tomorrow. We will remember Kennady as she is in the beautiful picture posted online with her obituary.

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  174. Katrina – your mini-bundts look AWESOME! I can't believe it made so many mini-bundts and cupcakes! I thought of you when I made my glaze – just whipped it up myself, no recipe. (Whoop de doo, but it is a big thing for someone anal like me…)I LOVE key lime anything so I can see why your cheesecake would win. Your throwdowns sound soo fun! =)

  175. A great bottle of wine (Stoney Ridge Cranberry comes to mind), fresh pasta in a cream pesto with sundried tomatoes and grilled chicken, garlic bread with gooey OLD cheddar, and either chocolate cheesecake or creme brulee. Frankly, if it's my last meal, why not both?

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