Daawo Gudoomiyaha Maxkamada Sare somalilnd Oo Ka Warbixiyey Kiisaskii Sanadkii Tagay Ee 2017kii Soo Galay Maxkamadaha Somaliland.

Daawo Gudoomiyaha Maxkamada Sare somalilnd Oo Ka Warbixiyey Kiisaskii Sanadkii Tagay Ee 2017kii Soo Galay Maxkamadaha Somaliland.

966 Comments on Daawo Gudoomiyaha Maxkamada Sare somalilnd Oo Ka Warbixiyey Kiisaskii Sanadkii Tagay Ee 2017kii Soo Galay Maxkamadaha Somaliland.

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  17. If you don’t get any takers closer to you, I think they’re awesome, and my asian background = little feet….lol! (8.5″ exactly it seems believe it or not)Oh, you’ll be proud of me though. I learned to knit in the round today, and currently have a hat on the needles. My first non-rectangle project!! :oD

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  20. Meh, that just sounds like business as usual on the Israeli side — hateful rhetoric interspersed by debates forwarding ludicrously unjust solutions, punctuated by military campaigns against non-Jewish civilians.I think the places to watch for change in this debate are among the Palestinians, and (I hope) Europe. It’s pretty painfully clear that the US-Israel war machine isn’t changing its tune any time soon.

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  40. Oh. My. Goodness. I thought my delivery was rough!!!!! In my mind I was sending you love and support, back to the past of that delivery room. Your story makes me want to fly to that hospital and hold the hand of all the moms who have to go through that. How long ago was this?

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