Daawo;Gudoomiyaha Maxkamada Sare Ee Somaliland Oo Maanta Furay Kulan Lagaga Hadlayey Maxkamadaha Guurguura Ee Dalka.

Hargeysa(Tvsle.com)-Hoose ka Daawo Gudoomiyaha Maxkamada Sare Ee Somaliland Oo Maanta Furay Kulan Lagaga Hadlayey Maxkamadaha Guurguura Ee Dalka.

30 Comments on Daawo;Gudoomiyaha Maxkamada Sare Ee Somaliland Oo Maanta Furay Kulan Lagaga Hadlayey Maxkamadaha Guurguura Ee Dalka.

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