Diyaarado dagaal ayaa lagu soo waramayaa in xalay duqeyn ay ka geysteen degmada Ceel-waaq ee Gobolka Gado ee koonfurta Soomaaliya.

Warar aan la xaqiijin ayaa sheegaya in diyaaradaha duqeynta fuliyay ay ahaayeen kuwa dowladda Kenya.2017420636282562988912044Diyaarado

Duqeynta ayaa si gaar ah loola beegsaday tuulooyinka Garilay iyo Daarul-salaam oo hoostaga Degmada Ceel-waaq ee Gobalka Gado.

Lama shaacin khasaaraha ka dhashay duqeynta, mana jiraan war kasoo baxay wadamada laga leeyahay diyaaradaha duqeynta fuliyay.

18-kii bishan, April, Taliska howlgalka Mareykanka ee Qaarada Africa ayaa sheegay in aysan duqeyn ka fulinin diyaarada militeriga Mareykanka koonfurta Soomaaliya 14-kii bishan April.

Warbaahinta qaar ayaa wariyay in Mareykanka duqeyn ka dhacday Gobolka Gedo uu ku dilay dagaalyahano ka tirsanaa Al Shabaab.

“Militeriga Mareykanka ma fulin duqeyn ka dhacday koonfur-galbeed Soomaaliya 14-kii  bishan, taas oo warbaahinta ay warisay”, sidaasi waxaa lagu yiri war kasoo baxay howlgalka Mareykanka ee Qarada Africa the US Africa Command (AFRICOM).

Dhinaca kale warka ka soo baxay taliska ayaa lagu sheegay in duqeyntii ugu dambeysay ee Mareykanka uu ka fuliyo Soomaaliya ay aheyd bishii January ee 2017.

16-kii bishan April, Wakaaladda wararka dalka Shiinaha ee Xinhua, ayaa baahisay 100 dagaalame oo ka tirsanaa Al Shabaab in la aaminsanyahay in lagu dilay duqeyn ay diyaaradaha Mareykanka ka fuliyeen koonfurta Soomaaliya aroornimadii Sabtida.

Duqeynta ayaa waxaa lagu beegsaday saldhigyo ay lahaayeen Al Shabaab oo ku yaalla deegannada Wargaduud iyo Ceel-Cadde ee Gobolka Gedo, halkaas oo bishii January ee sanadkii 2016 Al Shabaab ay ku dileen inkabadan 100 askari oo ciidanka dowladda Kenya ka tirsanaa.


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