Gaadhigii Madaxweyne Ku-xigeenka Puntland Oo Lagala Soo Baxsaday Garoowe+Ciidammada Somaliland Oo Loola Soo Galay Iyo Halka Uu Ku Sugan

Laascaanood)-Wararka laga helayo jiidda hore ee ciidamada Qaranka Somaliland ayaa sheegaya in gaadhiga madaxweyne ku xigeenka Puntland Mr Axmed Karaash oo lagala soo baxsaday Garoowe uu u soo galay ciidanka Qaranka Somaliland.

Gaadhigan oo noociisa lagu sheegay Hard top waxa loola soo galay fadhiisinka Ciidanka Somaliland ee Xuddun ee gobolka Sool mana cadda sababtu.

Wixii warar ah ee ka soo kordha kala soco http://tvsomalilandeurope.net/

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