Qaabkii Real Madrid Uga gacan Saraysay Kooxda Athletico (Xogta Dunida)

Qiyaasihii laga sameeyey awoodihii ay ciyaarta dhexdeeda ku kala lahaayeen kooxaha Real-Madrid iyo Athletico Madrid oo xalay iskaga horyimid ciyaar wareega afarta ah oo ka tirsanayd tartanka kooxaha Horyaalka reer Yurub ayna Kooxda real madrid ku badisay sadex gool iyo Eber ayaa waxa ay qiyaasahaasi muujinayeen sida ay kooxda Boqortooyadu uga gacan sarysay kooxda kale.
63% waxaa kubad haysashada iska lahayd kooxda Real-Madrid, halka ay Athletico lahayd 37%.
Real Madrid waxay kubadda toos ugu  laadday Goosha kale illaa 7 Jeer, halka ay Athletico kubad keliya ku laaday goosha real Madrid mudadii 90 daqiiqo ahayd ee ciyaartu socotay.
Hussein Kurdi

64 Comments on Qaabkii Real Madrid Uga gacan Saraysay Kooxda Athletico (Xogta Dunida)

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