Shirweynihii 4aad ee SONSAF oo maanta qabsoomay dibna loogu doortay hogaankii hore

Hargeysa (Tvsle)- Shirweynihii afraad ee dallada bulshada ee jilayaasha aan dawliga ahayn ee Somaliland (Somaliland non state actors forum-SONSAF), ayaa maanta lagu qabtay Hargesa, isla markaana waxa dib loogu doortay hogaankii hore ee dallada.
Shirkaas ayaa furitaankiisa waxa khudbado ka jeediyey madaxweyne-ku-xigeenka Somaliland Md. Saylici, guddoomiyaha SONSAF Mustafe Sacad, musharraxa madaxweyne ee xisbiga UCID Jamaal Cali Xuseen iyo xoghayaha arrimaha dibadda ee WADDANI Dr. Maxamad Xismaan Fadal.
Halkan hoose ka dhegaysta khudbadihii masuuliyiinta ee furitaankii shirweynaha:


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