Tababare hore oo lagu eedeeyay xadgudub galmo

Barry Bennell oo macallim hore ahaa ayaa lagu eedeeyay sideed xadgudub galmo oo loo geystay wiil yar oo 14 sano jir ah, waxaa sidaasi sheegay dacwad oogayaasha.

Dacwad oogayaasha waxa ay tilmaameen inay heleen diiwaan cadeynaaya arrinta oo ay diyaariyeen booliska Cheshire oo la xiriira xadgudubka.

Mr Bennell, oo 62 sano jir ah, waxa uu ahaan jira tababaraha dhallinyarada ee Crewe Alexandra.

Dacwad oogayaasha CPS waxay tilmaameen in maxkamad la horgeyn doono 14ka bisha December.

Xadgudubyadaasi ayaa la sheegay in la geystay intii u dhexeysay 1981 iyo 1985-tii.


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