Uhuru Kenyatta oo ku guuleystey doorashada ku celiska ahayd ee dalka Kenya

Guddiga doorashadda  Kenya ayaa ku dhawaaqay in Uhuru Kenyatta uu ku guulaystay doorashadii ku celiska ahayd ee  26 bishaan ka dhacday dalka Kenya

Guddoomiyaha guddiga doorashadda dalkaasi Wafula Jibukaati ayaa ku dhawaaqay in Madaxweyne Uhuru uu mar kale ku guulaystay doorashadii lagu celiyay.Wafula waxaa uu xusay in Uhuru helay 98% codadkii la tiriyay taasna ay ka dhigantahay inuu yahay Madaxweynaha la doortay.

Xisbiga Mucaaradka Kenya ayaa hore u qaadacay doorashadan iyagoo sheegay inaysan aqbali doonin natiijada ka soo baxda.Illaa afar gobol oo ka mid ah dalka Kenya ayaysan doorashada ka dhicin iyadoo goboladaana ay yihiin kuwo ay ku badan yihiin taageerayaasha mucaaradka.

12 Comments on Uhuru Kenyatta oo ku guuleystey doorashada ku celiska ahayd ee dalka Kenya

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