Xisbiga WADDANI oo Gaadhsiiyey Deeq Raashin Ah, 200 oo Qoys oo Danyar Ah oo Ku Nool Degmada Oog ee Gobalka Sool+ Sawirro

Hargeysa(Tvsle)- Xisbiga mucaaradka ah ee WADDANI oo muddooyinkii dambe waday barnaamijka kheyriga ah ee bisha Ramadaan ee LA’ AFUR WADDANI oo deeqo raashin ah looggu qeybinaayey dadka danyarta ah ee ku dhaqan goballada iyo degmooyinka dalka, ayaa maanta deeq raashin ah gaadhsiiyey 200 oo qoys oo danyar ah, ku waasi oo ku nool degmada Oog ee gobalka Sool.


Deeqdan Raashinka ah oo iskugu jirtay Bariis, Daqiiq iyo Timir, ayaa markii la qeybinaayey waxa goob joog ka ahaa mas’uuliyiin sare sare oo ka socday xisbiga WADDANI, odeyada iyo maamulka degmada Oog iyo weliba sida oo kale dadka danyarta ah ee loo qeybiyey raashinka.

Madaxa samafalka ee xisbiga WADDANI Marwo Layla Qulumbe oo ugu horreyn halkaas ka hadashay, ayaa sheegay in ay ka xisbi ahaan ay aad ugu faraxsan yihiin in ay deeqdan raashinka ah ay soo gaadhsiiyaan dadkan danyarta ah, waxaana ay tilmaantay in barnaamijkan LA’ AFUR WADDANI ee uu yahay barnaamij kheyri ah oo xisbiga WADDANI uu doonaayo in kula wadaago dadka danyarta ah ee Sooman bisha Ramadaan, iyada oo carabka ku dhufatay in deeqdan raashinka ah ay ku soo deeqeen taageerayaasha Qurba-joogta ah ee xisbiga WADDANI.


Qaar ka mid ah dadkii danyarta ahaa oo iyaguna halkaas ka hadlay, ayaa tilmaamay in xisbiga WADDANI ay uga mahad-celinayaan deeqdan raashinka ah, waxaana ay tilmaameen in deeqdan la soo gaadhsiiyey wakhti ay baahi badan u qabeen isla mar ahaantaana ay deegaanka degmada Oog ay ku nool yihiin dad tiro badan oo ay waxyeelo u soo geysteen abaarahii xoogganaa ee dhawaan haleelay guud ahaan dalka.

Odeyada iyo maamulka degmada oo iyaguna halkaas ka hadlay, ayaa sheegay in xisbiga WADDANI ay uga mahad-celinayaan sida habboon ee uu u soo xasuustay dadka danyarta ah ee ku dhaqan deegaankan, waxaana ay tibaaxeen in ay barbar istaagi doonaan isla mar ahantaana ay ku qanceen qaabka fiican ee xisbigaasi uu wax u wado.




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