Deg Deg :- Dayax Madoobaad Lagu Arkay Meelo Badan Oo Dunida Ka Mid Ah Somaliland Masaajidada Gobolada Qaarkood Oo Hadda Laga Tukanayo Salaadda Dayax Madoobaadka

Meelo Badan Oo Dunida Ka Mid Ah Ayaa Caawa Lagu Arkay Dayax Madoobaad Wararka Naga Soo Gaadhaya Magaalooyinka Soomaalida

Gaar Ahaan Magaalooyinka Somaliland Ayaa Sheegaya In Hadda magaalooyinkaasi laga arkay dayaxii oo madoobaaday. Waxaana Magaalooyinkaasi Laga Galay Masaajidada Si Loo Oogo salaatul Khusuuf Oo Ah Salaada la Tukado Marka Dayaxu Madoobaado.

Dhinaca Kale Magaalada Hargeysa Oo Ka Mid Ah Meelaha Laga Arkay Dayax Madoobaadka Ayaa Masaajidada Qaar Waxa Laga Tukanaya Salaada Dayax Madoobaadka, Waxaana La Arkayaa Bulshada Oo Galaysa Masaajidada Lagu Tukanayo Salaada. Waxaana Dayax Madoobaadkan la Arkay Goordhawayd.

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